Software Services

Software Services


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CVC India provides of host of software development services, they are:




Web Development
CVC India specializes in developing media-hosting web platforms, which allows its users to collaborate across myriad social networking sites; sharing and partnering. It’s often been said that ‘Together we can do much’, our web products make this possible.


Sharepoint Services
We develop SharePoint-based solutions that allow for organization-specific process building, document sharing and collaboration & teamwork.


Mobile App Development
Our information and content sharing apps are created using cutting-edge web technology, for all major mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android & Windows.


QA & Testing
Our in-house expertise ensures delivery of quality products by following industry best practices using appropriate tools.


Business Intelligence
We provide the best-in-class platform and solutions for data analysis, dashboards, reporting on an architecturally integrated business intelligence foundation. This enables our drive innovation and optimizes processes while delivering extreme performance.


Product Support Services
Our products and owners are never left without the adequate support that is part of our package. Training also ensures that users are well equipped to not only use our products, but also to extract the most out of them.


Software Product Engineering & Technologies




Microsoft SharePoint

Every great team requires tools to help them get their job done. We leverage the power of Sharepoint to create awesome intranets enabling collaboration through document management, workflow management and other great tools.

node-js-mongodb-550x250NOLEG Stack

The NOLEG (Node, mOngo, Linux (E)nginx Git) Stack provide us with a new paradigm in web development to build state-of-the-art real time business intelligence portals which provide users with real time data and reporting tools which are able to handle heavy loads due to constant updates and querying. Our users are able to get precise information through customizable views and criteria and also to generate reports and perform detailed analysis on their data.

lampLAMP Stack

Some of the best websites in the world swear by the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP set of services. We have mastered these technologies to build scalable, robust, powerful and globe-shrinking content sharing platforms using the latest CMS like Drupal and WordPress. Our solutions allow our users to share and view high quality content in any part of the globe leveraging social media and the Internet.

Cloud LogoWe realize that our users are spread across the globe, have different technological limitations and different habits. We are leveraging the power of the Cloud to build solutions that are available on-demand through any Internet available device. This includes both high quality content and business intelligence tools.